Monday, September 6, 2010

A little something i made today...i'm feeling very pink and fluffy :p

I made the perfume tray and picture cute but i need to improve my photography skills :P lets hope i get better as the blog progresses :)
Linda x


  1. Hi Linda,
    Welcome to blogging! I'm quite new also.
    I love pink and fluffy, your photo is great, you made the same mistake as me, got yourself in the photo, mine more serious - I'm in a bikini!
    I look forward to watching your blog.
    Best wishes, Gill.

  2. ROFL!!
    Your comment made me laugh so much Gill! You must have had a big surprise seeing the photo later on..oh that ME???
    So funny!
    When I look at my photo's I keep seeing the camera reflected in the mirrors :D