Thursday, April 28, 2011

Downsizing :D

I'm downsizing my dollhouse collection as my Mam is moving in and i need the space!!! i'm listing on Australian ebay if anyone is interested....i can post the small things overseas ...the postage will be more than whats quoted just message me if your interested :D
 unfortunately the houses can only be picked up as they are too heavy to post....thanks for looking :D follow the look at my other items link to see whats still listing so check back often :D x

Friday, April 22, 2011

Happy Easter to all my friends :D xxx

I've been busy downsizing my dollhouse collection as it was taking over lol and this week it has been decided that my Mam will be moving in with me in around 2 months time so just as well i already started the clear out!!!
So now i am in panic mode!!! I am a hoarder who can live with a bit of dust and a few dishes in the sink...Mam is a chucker outerer, a serial cleaner and washes your plate before you've even finished eating lol...Happy Days ahead...... i think? 
The move will be good for us both  once we have settled into it :D
I've recieved  the giveaways i won in the mail this week...fabulous things!!! yayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy and will take some pics for you all soon...just got to keep cleaning and cleaning and cleaning lol

Happy Easter to you all  
thanks for looking :D Linda x

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

woohooo!!! Marieke's surprise giveaway has arrived!!!!

I was so excited today as Marieke's giveaway prize that i won arrived!!!! It was a surprise all i knew was that it would be purple and witchy!!!
Here are the parcels all wrapped....i dont know how i managed to wait and take a photo!!! i wanted to rip the paper off and see what was inside!!! :D

Without further ado here are the gifts....i love them all!!! perfect for my witchy house!!! Thank you so much Marieke!!! woohooooooooooo I am so lucky!!! :D xxx

Sunday, April 10, 2011

A week has passed and not much progress on anything

I havent done much at all this week...bits of this and bits of that with nothing to show for it lol
This post i thought i'd show you some of my latest inspiration pictures :D

Firstly from a new friend Maritza :) NOT MY WORK but ooooooooooo i wish!!! :)

ooooo myyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy its all fabulous dont you think!!! pay her website a visit and drool for a while :D

The next one is from Janny...she made a truly inspiational "Peacock Room"  for a friend...such a great story and she also has a website from which sells fabulous kits among other things :D

When i did my last post about the Shabby Chic Tea Salon i commented i thought i needed more cakes....well... Mieke commented and said she would send me some...they arrived this week and look fabulous in the shop!!! Thank you Mieke!!!! :D x

Thanks for looking and see you next week :D 
Linda x

Sunday, April 3, 2011

unbelievable!! i am stunned!!

this cant be happening to who has no who drools over all the fabulous stuff on offer and cant afford it!!
I have won another giveaway on facebook!!! THREE in less than 24 hours!!! i am totally speechless!!
I'm feeling so humbled !
I signed up for a newsletter from Petite Connoisseurs and have won the draw...i need to go and rest and get my head around it all!! lol

o my goodness i have won again!!!

wowsers i cant believe it!!! i have won Victorias giveaway!! yayyyyyyy me!!!! :D
How lucky can one person be!!! wow!!! Thank you so much!!!! :D Linda x

Saturday, April 2, 2011

woohooo i have won!!!

I have won Marieke's giveaway!!!! woooooooooo hooooooooo!!!! its a surprise...witchy and purple!!! and thats all i know!!! cant wait to get it excitement!!! thank you Marieke :D xx