Monday, September 6, 2010

I've been inspired to start a new blog :D

Hello everyone...i've been inspired to start a new blog of all things miniature that i have made or bought for myself and to share fabulous things i've seen made by other miniaturists.
I've been addicted to this hobby for around 3 years now and wowsers is it addictive!!!!
I've completed a few houses and am an active member of the Greenleaf dollhouse forum

what a great place with such nice helpful people....pop over and have a look.... you can join for free or just lurk :P and look at the thousands of dollhouse pictures in the member galleries...fabulous eyecandy :)
Once i get going with this blog i'll be putting some of my pictures on here but if you cant wait heres the link :)

So much to do not enough time...i'll see you all soon with pics!!!
Linda x

oooooooo and heres a link to my other blog ...i've given you lots to look at :P

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