Tuesday, September 7, 2010

my loves :D

a pic of my beautiful Beacon Hill's ....only a couple of rooms to finish and more landscaping and basement gardens and a conservatory up top....geeze!!! no wonder they are my lifetime never to be finished houses lol but i love them :)
one is built in reverse so they close to be a total house...far too big for my tiny shoebox real life loungeroom but truely fabulous when the lights are on  at night :D
Linda x


  1. What a fabulous job you've done with them, Linda, and what a lot of work! :)

    Cia of Briarwood

  2. What a lovely house and so big! I think the houses never get finished because, like real homes we can always add a vase or a new cushion!

  3. Wow Linda, your houses are the best. Love your re-do of your old dolls house too, I love shabby chic, hope you'll show us more soon.