Tuesday, November 10, 2015

a quick update of the 3 houses remaining :)

Heres a quick update of the last 3 houses I have....my tiny real life house means I cant turn them to see the fronts but these days its more about the contents than the houses themselves :)
All are works in progress as I gutted them all in a fit of...blahhh these are boring lol
I shall attempt to do room by room pics over the next week but I think if you poke the pics they should come up bigger....thanks for looking after all this time away :D xxx

This one has an identity crisis going on...shabby at the top (not sure I like it yet) could be something else entirely this time next week lol
Toy shop on the bottom
WWII appartment in the basement

Witchy/Potter theme
Part of this house was built by a good online friend who passed away...we never met in person but used to have fab fun building together in 'chat'
most of it is rickety and not that well put together but I wont change it...sentimemtal value :D x

The Chateau
now has ''The Paradise" department store on the top...still working on it
Laduree cake chop and xmas shop on the bottom
and what will be a French appartment in the basement

All 3 together in my tiny real life house :D x

Thanks for looking ...hope you like what I've been up too ...Linda xxx

3 years since I blogged!

Spotted the "eyecandy overload" post below on a Facebook group and thought wow non of these houses look remotely like this now...realised its been 3 years since I blogged!!! oops :P
Today I shall attempt to do new photos and update the eyecandy...thats if I dont get lost in all the stuff Ive missed in the last 3 years...more blogging less facebooking ....sounds like a good plan :) xx