Friday, October 28, 2011

arghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh Blogger!!! :(

Is it just me or is blogger playing up....tried all ways to link a fabulous giveaway from Cinderella Moments but it wont let me upload any pics to the sidebar :(  and so the giveaway link wont work.....doing this post instead lol i cant miss out on the draw now can i :D
Here's the link Drawn on 30th November

Please go and join in she does fabulous work :D Linda xxxx

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Some eyecandy of things i have bought and won recently :D

Just a quick post to show some of the Artisan things i have received lately...just love parcels in the post :D

A fabulous Chest hand painted by Jo its so perfect for the French Chateau :D

Yet MORE Kat Hats...i need to expand again lol :D

Fabulous basket of mushrooms from Nikki :D

And the beautiful rug i won on Katies giveaway...perfect match in the Chateau it :D x

Sunday, October 9, 2011

3 into 1 will go.... An adventure of condensing 3 Wartime projects into one :D

As most of you know i have a tiny shoebox real life my Mam moved in with me = even less room  and so i had to sell alot of my houses to be able to even breathe in here lol

Now... i had a WWII house, a shop and a  bomb shelter with British Resistance hideout combine all 3 into one
It's do-able I WILL do it lol
Here's what i've come up with so far...i quite like how its turning out :D
(Poke the pics for a bigger view)

I need ideas from you ideas people pretty please  :D 

1.  A bigger base? looks a bit cramped?
2. Extend that dividing wall to the ceiling?
3. Ideally i would like to get rid of the attic and lower the floor....without demolishing the whole house does anyone know if its able to be done? limited tools here...and would it look better?

Well now you have homework lol
Thanks for looking and please add any other ideas you might come up with...i'm open to all :D 
Linda x

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Progress on the Witch Tower :D

Playing with landscaping....finally got the Kat Hats to all fit in but i HAD to go and order more ( Grrrrrrr She always makes irresistible Hats!!! love you Kat :D ) So i may need to extend again!!! lol
Anyhoooo here is where i'm up to :) remember to click the pics to see more :D
*adds idea why the first pic wont go bigger its on all the same settings as the second one which will....ahhhhhhhhh Dear Blogger......

Hope you like it so far....beams for the top room ceiling next ...Thanks for looking :D
Linda x