Monday, July 25, 2011

The Revamping of my second Beacon Hill :D

As some of you know i had 2 Beacon Hill Dollhouses one built in reverse and i back to backed them to make one HUGE house......with my Mam moving in i had to downsize and there was no room to display them as one....what to do? renovate !!!!!
Here is the one i renovated before i started

And here during the madness!!!!

And finally finished? :D
This is as far as i can go without spending any money...I need 22 more of the lone corbel to do the trim then i can age the outside and landscape it....still undecided on the veranda finish so I've left it for now.
Not much in the kitchen yet but this is the fun part :D
So far its a Shabby style Laduree cake shop on the bottom floor and a french style apartment on top...who knows if it will stay like this!!!
Thanks for looking and i hope you like it :)
Linda :D x

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Winner announced yayyyyyyyyyy :D

So many entries!!! woohooo how exciting....who will it be?

Look at you all in the bowl :D ......
I got my Mam to do the draw...she was quietly doing her crossword and i burst into her loungeroom with the bowl and the camera :D
And the winner is..............................................
 Quite appropriate dont you think seeing as my Mammy drew it :D
Please email me your address and i'll get your prize posted as soon as possible

Thanks to all who entered and once again thanks for looking :D
Linda x