Tuesday, March 27, 2012

So long since Blogged....so much has happened :)

Wow its been ages since I Blogged and so much has gone on....a few personal upsets but the big news is...I'm going on a 9 week holiday back home to England :D woohooooooo :D I'm taking my Mam who is 80 and we are going to a great time visiting people and looking around our old haunts...I'm sure alot will of changed since she hasn't been back since she emigrated her to Australia 17 years ago and I (apart from a brief visit when my Dad passed) haven't been back in 30 years....I cant wait :D counting down the sleeps...29 today :D
I haven't been idle in my miniatures either...due to the ever expanding collection of Kat Hats I've had to build an extension to the Witchy Project to house them....only problem is ...I now have room enough for heaps more :D
Here's a preview..... its still a work in progress but its coming along nicely :D don't forget to click the pictures to make them bigger :)

Hope you like it.....it's very magical when the lights are all on 
Thanks for looking
Linda :D xxxx