Monday, September 5, 2011

Sidetracked onto a Witchy Tower you do :D

Due to my ever expanding collection of Kat's Hats and my lack of space i decided i needed a small extension to the Witchy house ....lets go up i thought and so i am building a tower to house the hats/brooms/potions/associated Witchyness :D
Heres how i started

And heres where i'm up to....i need to do heaps more yet but thought i'd share my progress ( i see from looking at the picture i need to age the original house more ...isnt it funny how you dont see things while looking at it...only when you see a picture of it!!! ) Anyhoo here it is so far

Hope you like it...poke the pics to make them bigger....and thanks for looking :D 
Linda x