Monday, November 8, 2010

too many projects :)

I thought i'd update where i'm at on all the things i'm doing at once...this leads to not much progress on anything even though i'm busy all the time doing something...if that makes sense lol
Beacon Hill Extravaganza.....3 of the 6 shop fronts are coming along..need to make a decision in the door colours and the bottom of the windows
Witches house...... well this is done apart from the constant adding of witchy type things :)

 Shabby Chic house..... still adding bits and pieces but its fun making things...oooooo and the renaisance mice moved in while their half scale house is being built :)

Half scale scratch build....hmmmm this house is frustrating!! i cant seem to get going with it....the inside is giving me trouble i just cant decide on anything...its back on the shelf :P maybe i just dont like 1/24th :)

 anyhoo this is where i'm at on my many projects :D
Linda x


  1. Wow, your houses look great Linda, witches house and shabby chic are my favourites.

  2. Todas las casas con obreros :)) NO dejas de añadir cosas. Muy buenos trabajos. A veces hay que parar para que se seque algo y tu no descansas, pasas a otra casa.
    Increible tu actividad.
    Besos Clara

  3. Wow, love your houses :) Beacon Hill is fabalaous. I know what you mean about 24th scale. I dabbled, but it just never looked right, even thought it was the prettiest of cottages! I ended up selling it all and sticking with the 12th scale.
    Julia xxx

  4. Your houses are beautiful. By the way what you wrote makes sense, I tend to be like that, too many ideas at the same time.

  5. I think that's the biggest problem for miniaturists. Too many projects, so little time. Yours are coming along beautifully!!!

  6. I think quite a few of us can realte to the 'too many projects' dilemma :) As Lulbuttah said "Too many projects, so little time." They're all great - but what a lot of work it's going to be to fill those shops!!

  7. Hi Linda,

    The cake stands are by J. Getzan :)


  8. I like the witch house and I want to see more !!!

  9. Hi, Linda
    I like your houses , they are all so different to look at, I think thats great.
    I never tried the 24th scale, but I like your shabby-chic very much.