Thursday, November 24, 2011

Busy Busy Busy doing......nothing.....

Well i haven't posted of a month and i haven't done much mini wise either...i seem to be stuck...the Chateau base is having a crisis of what theme it wants so things are put in and taken out again lol 
It's to be a shabby French small apartment maybe for the Laduree cake shop owner.... I'm trying to condense my houses and i need the Shabby Chic theme in there but it just doesn't seem to be happening.....ahhhh well one day the light bulb will go off in my head and i will be at it hammer and tongs :D
Here's a peek at how it is now....the bottom bit...i don't like any of it lol 

So there you have it...a whole load of nothing ....thanks for looking :D
Linda x


  1. Oh, Linda, it is definitely not a load of nothing! You have some absolutely beautiful treasures in there, I'm sure you know this. :)

    Sometimes, I think we need to take a break from our minis and do something else to recharge our batteries and meet it again with new eyes.

  2. Dear Linda, I am sad to read that this is "nothing", it's probably already a lot of fun to have done, and yes there are some very beautiful miniatures in this Beacon Hill (my dream house. ^^) customised in French château.

    Do not give up, Linda, and put flowers in the rooms, linen in the bedrooms and the bathroom, like when you find a house left some time, we do some cleaning and changes some furniture around, and it seems to live somewhere else ... Do not discourage you, Linda, you have to finish this beautiful house, perhaps you focus piece by piece, and telling you that you have exactly what you want by spending some few time...
    Hugs, Léa <3

  3. I love your Beacon Hill! I feel your pain, I am stuck in the same place. I say give it a rest and come back and look at it with new eyes.


  4. This is a very cute nothing! But I totally understand the stuck part too. I love using It's all these incredibly lovely images in one place. I get so much inspiration there. Your house is beautiful. Sometimes you just have to step back a bit so you can see it!

  5. Like everyone else I love it and there is so much to see .... we're always so critical of our own efforts I think!! have a little break and start it again in the New Year xx

  6. Animo Linda, tu casa es preciosa!!!!todo lo que enseñas me gusta mucho,eres una artista!!!!volveré tenlo en cuenta.Besos de las Malu´s.

  7. Linda quiet! you'll see that the bulb will light up again ... and will be brighter than before!

  8. Time spent thinking isn't doing nothing! But oh dear it is awful to be 'stuck' - I think Lea's advice is perfect, spend some time doing the little things while you 'agonise' over the big things and perhaps it will come to you.

    Do you have a clear idea of just who 'lives' in this house? Have you decided where it is located? I think that once those things are decided on all else often follows. Good luck!

  9. Me again... I thought I'd email you and suggest we have a phone chat but the email on your profile doesn't work :( How about you email me at - it'd be such fun to chat with you! xx

  10. I'm glad to be back here, Linda! I lost track of your blog before, but not anymore! ;-) I'm looking forward to seeing your shabby chic projects as they develop. :-)

  11. I know that song - busy doing nothing, working the whole day through - trying to find lots of things not to do....

    Great posts

    from Tyla @