Friday, March 25, 2011

Too much excitement!! :D

The Greenleaf Spring Fling 2011 Competition Kit has been announced!!! and what a fabulous kit!! so many add ons and extras you can get or just choose the base house...this coud turn into anything!! woohoooo how excitement!! lol here is the link :)

Also Lea Frisoni is looking for pictures and blog links from anyone who has built the house in her book or any of the furniture items to be featured on her blog! I NEED to get that book!!! its all wonderful!! Lea's Blog is here be sure to visit its fabulous :D x

Thanks for looking :D Linda x


  1. I am so excited about doing the GL house!!! I have never done the contest before, or bought one...but can't wait!!! :o)

  2. Hi Linda - I bought the book on Amazon when it came out ... its gorgeous, not made anything but love looking at the pictures .... then when I was at her shop in Paris last year I bought a mini version ... how fab is that :-)