Friday, January 14, 2011

As of the inside of the Shabby House :D

Well here as requested some closer pics of the inside of the Shabby House....still a long way to go to get it how i want it but this is it so far :)
poke the pics to make them bigger :)
see the tiny Chalet Kit i won on the dresser and a Lolitas sent from Barcelona on the bed

Patty's sleigh baby xmas ornament swap
Julies mouse and Genevive bag
Karin's candle on the coffee table
Julies mouse
Genevieves picture in the magazine rack and the tapestry in the fireplace
 Genevieves pie dish
Hope you like it :D 
Linda x


  1. Linda, it all lots lovely. Julie's little Mice look so at home in there.I Love my little

  2. Es una preciosidad de casa, muy bien decorada.Enhorabuena por tantos detalles¡¡¡

  3. Thank you for the extra pics - it's lovely. I like the fabric you've used for the bedroom chair and I see you've left yourself lots of little nooks and crannies and shelf space still to fill.

  4. Linda, your house is adorable from outside to inside. There are so many beautiful things and lovely colours<3
    Greetings, piikko

  5. This house is beautiful. So styled with matching furniture and accessories. Thanks for sharing.

  6. all the gifts you received are beautiful!
    the slide is priceless!
    I love your house, it's all so simple, so soft and the colors are harmoniously blended ..
    I do not particularly like the rose.
    my favorite is the blue cupboard, behind the stairs, and the lace tablecloth, green and ecru.
    charming throughout, however, congratulations!
    kisses, Caterina

  7. Thank you so much Linda! These are great pictures to start my day with! I love the fireplace that you have painted pale blue! It looks so wonderful. Nice details throughout the house!!

  8. Beautiful home Linda!!! I really like.

  9. Me encanta lo bonita que te ha quedado la casa, se ve realmente preciosa!! Enhorabuena Linda!! Un besote enorme!!

  10. It all looks so lovely. Serene and comfy. =)

  11. Thank you for the closer pics. What you put in the rooms are beautiful and I love the style. It's so nice to have a house with miniatures from others in it.

  12. It is very beautiful your shabby house, I like the colors you used it all looks so cosy.


  13. I just found your blog, and I will sure follow you from now on ;)
    You are so talented!! I love this adorable shabby house! :)

    Warm hugs, Jollie

  14. Es una casa realmente bonita y llena de bellos detalles, Felicidades por tu buen trabajo!!! Me hago tu seguidora, asi no me perderé nada. Saludos. Olga.