Sunday, December 12, 2010

Merry Christmas everyone :D

Yes its nearly here again!!! i'm so disorganised this year however i'm sure it'll be alright on the night as they say :D

My thoughts are turning to 2011 and the things i'd like to achieve....such a long list but if i get a few things crossed off i'll be happy :)

1. the usual losing of weight...prolly not going to happen
2. giving up smoking....another non event i suspect...7 a day for my sanity isnt too bad? is it?
3. saving money...ok ok theres no way that will happen either :P

Now to the more achievable list :)

4. open an ETSY shop...make 2 of what i make now for my own use miniatures and sell one :)
5. consolidate the dollhouses.... :( sad but  neccessary i have so many in a tiny space its getting abit oppressive
6. work on quality not quantity of the houses themselves and the stuff i have in them
7. redecorate my real life house
8. work on edging my last darling left at home out into the big wide world in order to....
9. have a huge nicely decorated craft room 
and last but not least...
10. Be happy and healthy :D 

Ok i feel better now...i've written it down and now can forget all about it :P
Anyone else thinking of 2011 yet?
Linda x
EDIT: ...i have JUST found out that theres a miniature shop 50 minutes drive from me selling...Dollshouse Emporium kits!!!! This is NOT a good start to my culling of houses!!!! They have my dream house...The stock!! arghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh


  1. Linda, I say I'm going to down scale my Houses every year, but it hasn't happened and I've actually added to them. As for the giving up Smoking, I did it 16 months ago. So I wish you luck with that. xxx

  2. It seems to be easier to stop smoking that to loose weight....I mean, one HAS to eat, right? Anyway, good luck with all your plans. THat new dollhouse looks quite lovely. Wouldn't mind having it myself.

  3. He He Linda you sound so like me! I have lots of your doable list as my wishes too! I have to lessen the houses and have a workshop full now of houses to go, very sad but very necessary and theres still loads left inside the house! I had the Fairbanks and its one that had to go. Beautiful house but hugely large and not practical for me. I have to learn not to be impulsive and think about my houses. My neigbours just given me a phone number for a free dollshouse and I HAVE to resist! Kate xx

  4. Merry Christmas Linda. I love The Fairbanks! Hope you get it.

    Victoria ♥

  5. Merry Christmas Linda!
    Funny the three first things on your list are the same for me. Well, I'm not sure I will achieve them, having them on your list or on your mind is a good start...

  6. I also agree with your list, (included in Item 2). Yo también pido todo eso a 2011.
    The doll house is lovely!!!!
    Merry Christmas

  7. Merry Christmas Linda!
    Good luck with your list of goals for 2011. I'll appologise in advance in case you spend all your money on DHE kits!

  8. Hi Linda, good luck on achieving the goals on your to do list :-)
    I do recommend you to buy the Fairbanks, I have the same house and it is so beautiful (not finished yet, but one day it will be ....)
    I wish you and your family a blessed Christmas and all the best for 2011.

  9. Ha ha! Your list could be my list (although I don't have to lose weight) and it doesn't look good on the saving money front if you've found a DH shop! On the other hand you could always give yourself an "end of year" treat and start with a clean slate in 2011!

    Merry Christmas to you and yours - Irene X

  10. Espero que tus deseos para el 2011 se cumplan, hace 3 meses deje de fumar,....yo que llevo fumando desde los 13 años, por fin ha llegado el dia, duro, pero estoy contenta, asi que tomate tu tiempo pero que ojala algun dia del 2011 digas ¡basta! jejejej...tengo un sorteo en mi bolg por si te interesa participar, besos grandes desde España

  11. I agree about some of your resolutions for 2011
    But I would add: serenity, joy and finish all the projects I have in my head ....
    fantastic ..... I adore this house is my dream but I do not know where to put it .... however if you take it is indeed a good start ....
    a kiss

    PS there is a prize for you in my blog


  12. I would LOVE to own a Fairbanks. I have some 1930s/40s stuff but no home for it. Like you I already have too many houses but none of mine are finished - and probably never will be! Gill x