Sunday, October 10, 2010

Switched projects and started the Beacon ya do :P

I needed a change so i'm tinkering with the 6 shops which will be under the Beacon Hill's 3 on each side.
1st one is "Sprocketts" a Steampunk Emporium....i had made some Steampunk things a while back and have been making more to stock the shop....not sure about the wallpaper yet so its not stuck down :P...just ideas for now :)
Thank you Sharon from Plumrose Lane  for the pic tips...much better :D

Poke the pics to see more detail :D

Linda x


  1. That's an amazing building you have there. I've only just recently discovered what "Steampunk" is and it all looks good so far.

  2. My Beacon has a basement room but 3 WOW! This will be a huge project but look wonderful, where do you keep such a building, you must have a big room lol! Kate xxx

  3. Just discovered your blog it all looks fab. I will settle for a happy browse.

  4. I'm so happy to have found your blog. I've seen your progress on the double beacon hills on the greenleaf site. Your shabby chic house looks fun too!

  5. La casa es especial y preciosa.çUn abrazo