Sunday, October 24, 2010

My witchy if i need any more projects!!!

heres the story in a nutshell...... 
About 2 years ago a friend of mine sent me the parts to a scratch built cottage she'd cut out but lost interest in ....i finished sat in the craft room not talking to me....i was planning gardens for the Beacon Hills and decided it would be a great idea to use parts of the cottage to add interest...i rip it all to bits...hated it in the said gardens (the space is  now where i'm doing the shops  lol ) ....was starting to do a witchy shop...hated that too!!! i decide i need a witch's house instead... and so.....went to bed at midnight...couldnt up and spent the next 3 hours sticking the cottage together again with a 2'' extension in the middle....this is normal behaviour right?
Today i have been fixing her up, painting and starting to witch is 'nice' so she needs a few flowers maybe a small herb garden....
Anyhoo here is where i'm up to
Hope you like it :D
Linda x


  1. It's marvellous - three hours well spent putting it together again. It doesn't look too big a property either, just a nice size. Looking forward to more.

  2. Everybody NEEDS a witches cottage Linda, this is going to be lovely, bet you cant wait to start filling it eh?? Kate xxx

  3. Estupendo! Esta casa está perfecta en este jardín. Es suficiente para el entorno agradable.
    LOs arboles están muy bien.
    Me encanta.
    Besos Clara

  4. This looks totally fabulous! I must see the inside! Post pics soon...


  5. I love witches, fairies, elves...everything realted with fantasy or 2dark side"...LOL
    The cottage looks so beautiful.
    I am your new follower, Eva :)
    Bay the way I am celebrating two giveaways in my two blogs (miniatures and jewellery) just in case you would like to participate.

  6. Oh Wow, its gorgeous! I wish i had a finished house to put minis in.
    I love all the different textures and effects you have used.
    I think its perfectly normal behavious to not sleep and stay up all night making mini's. I do it every day then cant get up in the morning.
    Nikki xxx

  7. It is so cute, lovely, and beautiful!!!
    I like it very much!!!

  8. owh whow this is really gorgous love the perfect details.

    bye Ilonka

  9. Linda, The house is really turning out so perfect for a "witch's cottage". It really looks great!

  10. "this is normal behaviour right?" ....TOTALLY 'normal' as far as I can see :o) but you did this in a day?!!!! jeez, please send me some of whatever it is you are on LOL x

  11. Hmmm I feel very inspired.... Thank you:)))))